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Which Japanese knife set to choose?

Many Japanese knife sets are available on the internet or in shops. In this article we will see how to choose the ideal set for your Japanese knives ? What types of knives should it contain? And other important elements to make the right choice.

Why choose a Japanese knife set?

There are several reasons why you might consider buying a Japanese knife set. Firstly, Japanese knives are known for their quality and durability. They are also known for their sharpness, which makes them perfect for all types of cutting. Finally, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect set to meet your needs.

Wide choice of traditional knives in one shop
Wide choice of traditional knives in one shop

If you are looking for a quality knife set that will last for years, a Japanese knife set is the way to go.

There are various Japanese knife sets available online and in shops today, which you can choose from depending on your preferences and budget. If you are going to spend a lot of money on these kitchen knives, make sure they come with a lifetime warranty.

What kind of knives should you have in your set?

A nice display of Japanese knives
A nice display of Japanese knives

A quality Japanese knife set includes the following knives:

– A small paring knife with a short, thick blade for peeling, carving or cutting all kinds of ingredients ( Kudamono type)

– A medium-sized multi-purpose knife. It can be used for many tasks such as peeling vegetables, slicing meat, or cutting fruit. It can also be used for basic chopping ( Santoku type)

– A large carving knife with a wide blade, to be used for large fruits or vegetables. It can also be used for all types of meat, but is not best suited for precision work ( Nakiri type)

– A bread knife with a serrated edge for cutting bread without tearing it too much. The bread knife is not present in all sets, so it’s up to you to see how often you will need it ( Pankiri type)

– Possibly a heavy knife to cut light bones (chicken, rabbit, quail, etc.) or fish heads. It can also be used to chop meat without getting tired thanks to its weight ( Deba type)

– If you work with a lot of fish, you will need to add a long, thin and flexible blade to lift the fillets ( Yanagiba type, also called Sashimi)

How do I choose a knife set that suits my needs?

When the time comes to buy a knife set, it can be difficult to choose the one that suits you best. There are so many different types of knives on the market, each with its own purpose. How do you know which set will give you the most versatility?

Wide range of Japanese knives
Wide range of Japanese knives

The best way to choose a knife set is to first consider the type of cooking you do most often. If you are mainly a home cook who likes to prepare simple meals, a basic knife set consisting of a medium multi-purpose knife (Santoku), a paring knife (Kudamono) and a serrated bread knife (Pankiri) should suffice. But if you are a more experienced cook or like to experiment with different cuisines, you may want to invest in a more complete knife set.

How much should I pay for my knife set?

The average price for a set of Japanese knives is between 200€ and 500€. It is sometimes possible to find cheaper ones with fewer knives, but it is recommended to invest in a quality set that will serve you for several generations. Japanese knives have a much longer life than European knives and can be repaired if the blade becomes chipped. It is important to maintain and sharpen your knives to keep them for a long time.

Kai Wasabi Chef knife 3er Set
  • Type : Couteau Starter Set composé de 3 pièces...
  • Lames : Acier inoxydable brillant ; dureté...
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  • Coupe fil : tranchants par les deux côtés,...
  • Entretien : Laver à la main et sécher...
KAI Shun Classic Ensemble de 3 Couteaux de Chef Japonais - Couteau de Chef 20 cm + Couteau Utilitaire 15 cm + Couteau d'Office 9 cm - Couteau Damas 32 Couches Noyau VG MAX - bois de pakka
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KAI Wasabi Black Ensemble de Couteaux - Couteau Utilitaire 10 cm, Couteau Utilitaire 15 cm, Couteau de Chef 20 cm - Acier Inoxydable Poli 6A/1K6 58 (±1) HRC - Noir - Fabriqué au Japon
  • Découvrez l'ensemble de couteaux polyvalent KAI...
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Buying a set of Japanese knives is an important decision that can serve you for a long time. While the prices are a little higher than European sets, they last much longer and it is hard to find knives that feel as good. However, before you buy your set, make sure you choose one that contains the right number of knives and the right types of knives for your use. There’s no point in buying a knife that you won’t use.

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