Which Deba kitchen knife to offer?

Giving a kitchen knife as a gift is always a delicate matter. You have to know the person very well and you have to know his or her level in the kitchen. In this article we will see how to choose the ideal knife for someone you like. This person must obviously like Japanese kitchen knives and need a Deba in particular.

deba japanese knife how to choose

1) What budget for a good Deba?

The first step in choosing your gift is to set a budget. Depending on your budget, restrict your choice. The debate knife is a heavy knife that is basically used to cut the heads of fish, but it can also be used to chop meat to make a tartar knife.

If your friend is a beginner, expect to pay between 50 and 100 €. At that price you will already have a good knife to start with.

If he cooks regularly and has already reached a certain level, try to have a slightly higher budget: 100 to 200 €.

If cooking is his profession or his passion, try to have an envelope higher than 250 €. With this amount you can buy a professional knife.

2) Deba for left or right handed?

Japanese kitchen knives generally have a bevelled blade. Depending on the side of this bevel, the Deba knife can be for a right-handed or left-handed person. It is therefore important to pay attention to the side of the blade. For a right-handed knife the bevel of the blade will be on the right side. For a left-handed knife the bevel of the blade will be on the left side as a general rule. This is indicated on the product sheet or if you are in a shop, ask the seller.

3) A knife for amateurs or professionals?

For an amateur, it is preferable to choose a knife with a hardness between 0.4 and 0.65%. This value defines the hardness of the blade and therefore its cutting strength. A blade for beginners will be easier to maintain and will require less sharpening.

For a professional you can choose a hardness higher than 0.65%. The blade will need to be sharpened more regularly but its cutting strength will be exceptional.

A good quality, well maintained Japanese knife can last for many years. In Japan, great chefs are even buried with their knives.

Here are some examples of very good deba knives:

Meilleure Vente n° 1
Meilleure Vente n° 2
Tojiro Couteau de Cuisine Japonais Santoku DP Série 17cm FU-503 Fabriqué au Japon
  • Le couteau japonais Santoku Tojiro DP Série 17cm...
  • Vous pourrez tout aussi bien couper de la viande...
  • Le noyau est en acier VG10, recouvert d'acier...
  • Tojiro a développé cette version du couteau avec...
Meilleure Vente n° 3
Tojiro Couteau de Cuisine Japonais Chef DP Série 21cm FU-808 Fabriqué au Japon
  • Le couteau japonais Tranchelard Tojiro DP Série...
  • Parfaitement équilibré, il convient pour la...
  • Le noyau est en acier VG10, recouvert d'acier...
  • Tojiro a développé cette version du couteau avec...

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